Vulidity changes your perspective of IT security.
From an annoying cost factor or unknown area to a good feeling and trust in your own infrastructure


Together with the research area and global IT companies we developed a product which provides administrators exactly what they need

All in one

Vulidity is a bundle which covers the most important three attack vectors with automated tests. It can be obtained as hardware appliance or virtual image – both can be deployed neat-less into your environment.


A new take on IT security to analyse your security concept and employees in real life scenarios and simulations!


Be part of a community of organisations who take IT security serious

Vulidity covers

Network Analysis:

Don’t trust the statements of your security and firewall vendors – test them yourself in automated assessments with configurable complexity!


Which information can be obtained from your network by anybody? Test for example if your organisations data is included in any leak or if an employee used his work email on private sites – Maybe he is using the same password on his work account? Even password lists or payroll documents have been found with our product.

Social Engineering

Seminars and policies are useless! Use our advanced Social Engineering module to create automated and sophisticated campaigns in only a few clicks! It includes a variety of pre built graphic templates, highly effective e-mail blueprints and even USB Dropping scenarios



Why should you be interested as management in Vulidity?

Why should you be interested as administrator in Vulidity?

Give your administrators a tool to protect what is valuable to you. With this calming feeling you can lead the company to success!
Use Vulidity as central tool to test your environment, infrastructure and users. Don’t waste time with a variety of incompatible solutions! Start the autopilot, lean back and show your peers the report – we promise that you can keep the credits

You and your infrastructure are unique. That is why you deserve a product which protects this integrity and uniqueness. Our fully automated and user friendly tests help you to achieve this.

Vulidity is a product which gives administrators of all skill levels the functionality to cover the most important attack vectors.

Our continuous integration policy provides you with all new features, updates and improvements for your Vulidity. We listen to your feedback to make our product every day a little better for you.

Vulidity Endpoint ( NEW )

Use the additional Vulidity endpoint in combination with your Vulidity mainproduct – As independend endpoint that allows you to highly mobile test different subnets.

Rogue Device Simulation

Simulate a unknown and foreign device with ill intentions – How does your network react to such a threat?

Netzwerk Buzzer

Ping Sweeps / Broadcast Storms / ARP Poisioning / SSH Enumeration / Analyse default user credentials on your systems

Evil Twin

The device has a configurable WiFi which tempts users to connect to it and tests if they give away usernames, passwords or other privat aspects of your company

Signatur Generator

Simulate malware and use their signatures (aproach and specifics) – Does your infrastracture detect the “spreading” malware?

Try it out!

Get to know our product in a free live tour! One of our experts will guide you through our demo, so that no question remains unanswered.​


We are proud that we can offer you our best product of all time – Get your own Vulidity today!


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