Vulidity Pro

The Beta of Vulidity Pro has begun. All interested customers and partners can test all new features early, as well contribute for a final touch.


Vulidity at "Bits and Pretzels"

Initiated by Barack Obama, Bits and Pretzels was an extraordinary fair – As well for Vulidity

10/04/2019 / NEWS


Balancing Climbing

Trip to a climbing garden​

Vuliditys trip to the climbing garden Oberreith.


06/28/2019 / SOCIAL

smelting an iron

Workshop 2019 - Save the date!

Vulidity will host their next workshop in October 2019. This event will be unique and will differentiate itself quite a bit from previous hackathons/workshops.

07/22/2019 / WORKSHOP

IT Administrator Logo

Report IT Administrator

Vulidity was tested thoroughly in the may issue of the professional journal “IT Administrator”.

05/02/2019 / NEWS




The development of Vulifault has begun…


Hackathon Impression

Second Hackathon

Vulidity hosted it’s second hackathon at 02/10/2019. The motivated and capable attendees  made this event a huge success.

02/14/2019 / SOCIAL


Interner Workshop

Vulidity organizes regularly workshops for its employees and selected partners. The topics in this workshop were: OKR, Data security and Blockchain.

12/06/2018 / WORKSHOP

go logo

How we build software

A little insight how the team behind Vulidity develops stable and secure software with Golang. Learn why we use Golang and if this programming language is also maybe suitable for you.

10/13/2018 / TECH

voice award

VoiceIT High Potential Award

Vulidity was choosen to partake at the first VoiceIT High Potential Award, which is a port of this year’s decisionmaker forum.

09/20/2018 / SOCIAL

Hackathon Impression


A hackathon with participants from schools, universities and companies as first own event of vulidity.

08/23/2018 / SOCIAL


Innovation Days

Vulidity was invited to present itself among other selected projects and ideas with high potential at the Innovation Days organized by the research institut Code.

10/13/2018 / TECH

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