The Leaked Analysis of VuliScope and Vulidity helps you implement the password recommendations of the BSI

“A password should be changed in any case, if there is an indicator that it got into the hands of an unprivileged third party.” – [BSI Grundschutz Kompendium 2020]

The BSI recommends since February 2020 against a periodic change of passwords. In the past this was one of the most common methods to protect the confidentiality and security of credentials.

In theory this sounds great – but in real life environments this proofed to be less than effective. The reasons are vast:

  • A lot of users are overwhelmed by the continuous change of passwords and to remember them
  • The complexity and quality of the passwords degrades rapidly. Often only small parts get changed and a schemata forms like Password1! Password2! Password3!
  • Users use the same passwords on any platform or stick the current password on a note to the monitor

But how should organizations and companies know, that their credentials are included in a breach or leak? The Leaked Analysis of Vulidity is the answer!

With one of the most advanced leaked databases it is possible for administrators to check their whole company with one click. Additionally you can mark credentials as “solved” which are already changed or the person is not even employed in the company anymore. Furthermore you can send out Emails to all found users or a specific subgroup of them to notify them that their credentials were found in a leak. With a button inside the mail they can confirm that the password is changed or not valid any more. This also marks the credential as solved in the overview.

With the autopilot you can automate the whole Leaked Analysis in periodic cycles like weekly or monthly and you get notified when new credentials are found.

Because we integrate different sources and update it daily our database will perform better than any other service you used – And it is included in both of our products.

Use Vulidity and VuliScope with the integrated Leaked Analysis – So that your passwords stay your passwords!

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