Do you trust your IT security concept?

The current media coverage of the iOS Mail vulnerability shows us that in IT security the challenges for organizations and companies are facing more complex challenges every day. Often it is not even possible with the current tech stack to make assessments like “what would happen if we would get attacked?”. Or when did you have your last mock test?

This is the reason you shouldn’t rely only on your protection, but take a look behind the curtain to check what information are already available about you for everyone to see! Or can you say for sure, that you were never the victim of an successful attack or that there was never data from your organization available to a third party? If you cannot say for sure then we have a special offer for you!

Use our automated test suite which information are already available for everybody about you. And the best – In the current situation we offer you a 65% discount for VuliScope!


Your Vulidity

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