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The IT Administrator is a very popular german IT journal for experts and system administrators. It propogates pratical knowledge and stands out from the crowd through detailed analyses and meaningful reports. In the issue of may, Vulidity was carefully examined and tested.

After a quick installation of the device the testing could commence. Besides the technical aspects, the report also talks about how our team implemented feedback and reacted to critic. The collaboration with Dr. Knerrmann was outstanding. His competent personality and technical comprehension made the practical test of Vulidity very pleasing.


Vulidity is a young product, where only minor inconsistencies tarnished our overall positive impression. But through the developers commitment this was more than made up for. That’s how we were won over, that a close relationship between the customer and Vulidity isn’t just an empty promise. The Software offers a very good package of security tools, that should be especially useful for organisations, which can’t afford an specially trained expert for IT-Security.

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In comparison with other solutions that specialize on security, Vulidity did receive a very good valuation. The test was executed with version 1.1b – The current one is 2.0. If you’re interested to see all new tests, improvements and adjustements – for example the new and reworked social engineering modul – live, then you’re welcome to use our Live Demo Tour. The whole report in print spans 6 pages and can be found in the may issue. The public available and shortened report can be found in the link up top.

We’re giving our thanks to IT Administrator for the coverage and the great collaboration.


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