Second Hackathon

The second offical event of Vulidity took place on 02/10/2019. It was a full success for us and the participants!
In contrary to the first hackathon, there were no teams or projects set in stone – rather they were dynamically choosen for each timeslot.

There were four rounds, each consisting of 2 technical and one untechnical task. The participants choose their favourite and formed teams. Between the assignments, Vulidity held short pitches about “slow code has to die” / “REST APIs have to die” and “Slack in the gears”, which concisely explained the different thematics.

Some examples from the assignments:
– Website Defacing Monitoring (Tech)
– Advanced Social Engineering Scenarios (Non-Tech)
– WLAN Hacking Introduction (Tech)

Through the course of the event we met multiple extraordinary and unique attendees. They didn’t just have fun, but also gained knowledge (and in some cases rewards) from this event. We also gained new talent for our team, as we did from the last event.

We are already looking forward to the next event, which will cover the theme: “pentesting your own infrastructure”. It’ll be covered as part of an workshop for customers and partners. We’ll be sharing more about it during the year.

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