Voice Decisionmaker Forum-
High Potential Award

VoiceIT organized between 09/14/2018-09/12/2018 the decisionmaker forum 2018.(Link). For the first time, there was an seperate part for “High Potentials”, which contains founders of innovative and unique projects and startups. Vulidity was choosen as one of them through our new and innovative approach for it security. A presidium of top-class scientists, advisers and CIOs did review and validate the projects.

On the event, which lasted several days, Christian Siegert and Heinz Siegert were able to gather many new experiences from several workshops and did meet many interesting CIOs, founders and experts.

The fact that Vulidity was choosen as one of the “High Potentials” of this year, shows that even though the company is still young, how high the new approach on it security is regarded from CIOs, founders and researchers.

Special thanks to Patrick Quellmalz, who organised the Workshop “High Potentials” and supported us with various approaches.

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