Vulidity Workshop about OKR, data security and blockchain


2018 was a special year for Vulidity. To end this year we organised a internal workshop which had as main topics: OKR, data security and blockchain. Our workshops are taking place regularly and sometimes specially choosen partners are invited. Through experts / researchers we easily convey the topic also to new coworkers.

OKR -Objectives and Key Results:

Did you ever feel like, you can’t acomplish your objectives, because there’s always getting something “in your way”? Do you plan your day and at the end you only achieved a fraction of what you wanted to do, because other “important” new tasks came up during the day? Are you getting carried away by many small tasks, which are only affecting the main goal slightly?
Then maybe an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) based approach could mean an enormous efficiency increase for you and your company.
A objective is always a qualitative description of your task, while a key result measures your progress of said task ​quantitatively. Every Objective has commonly two to five Key Results. An OKR is also intuitive structured:
I’ll do that and rate with this
If you want to know, why large companies like Google, Intel, Twitter and Oracle favour OKR, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Vulidity uses, since founding, an OKR-based approach, which we refined over time, as soon as they were useful in our company context.

Data security:

As part of the development of new products is data security a highly interesting topic. Since there are now the first cases, where the DSGVO is enforced, is this topic more important than ever.
The employees of Vulidity learned about several terms and many false presumptions through a introduction in the complex work process of an comissioner for data protection. Since Vulidity has their own expert in this field, could every new employee profit from  a data security training course.


Even though the rates of crypto currency are constantly dropping (since january 2018), is the technology behind these coins steadily gaining popularity and practical use. According to our opinion, it’s a good thing that the rates and the associated hype is dying down, since the technical components of Bitcoin and Ethereum is not developed enough. Through the research does not only benefit crypto currency but also in the medium run the researchareas like networking, databases, mathematics and it security – Also causally determined the whole IT sector.
At Vulidity we dont use Blockchain as a buzzword or just to sound “cool” – but we acknowledge that many aspects of this technology will define our future. We’ll go that way with experts which have worked directly with Ethereum and concurred on the development. To allow for that to happen, we organize periodically workshops for our employees, so that they can see the potential of blockchain and they can contribute ideas for practical use. Furthermore are many concepts of ethereum like Bloom Filter or Merkle Trees extremely useful for developing software, but generally only a few developers have ever worked with them.

Our main focus lies in scalability methods like Sharding, the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the security of Smart Contracts. If you would like to dive deeper in the Blockchain topic, then let’s talk about it over a cup of coffee.


The feedback to this workshop was fantastic. The topics were conveyed in a balance between theory and practice and could be used immediately from the participants. Many participants are dealing with blockchain privately and try to use it in their projects.

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