The most popular and sophisticated OSINT module is now available as a webservice!
We crawled the whole internet and used additional databases to get all available information about you and your company – Do you know what we know?


OSINT is now the most important step of every attacker – and in Germany mostly unknown or neglected. Attackers discovered that they can get highly sensitive information without spending weeks to exploit systems or even interact with the target.

Selected Highlights

Leaked Information

Test what is already out there of you, your company and employees in public and private leaks/breaches

Mail Usage Analysis

Find out on which websites and services your employees used their company email addresses

File Extraction

Extract all publicly accessible documents from a domain (not only a webservice) -> Common findings range from payroll documents or password lists

Indicators of Compromise

Are there already indicators that you have been compromised?


We developed a functionality for you that you can get all OSINT tests completely automated with our autopilot. In the same time we offer you to take care of the monitoring and inform you on every finding.

OSINT as a Webservice

Use the power of OSINT simply from your browser – from everywhere

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