Penetration Testing

Our service is customized to your and your company personal needs. Unlike other services, we don’t provide a report built from multiple automated tools. A real penetration scan is far more than a vulnerability scan.

Thats why we dont take multiple requests at the same time, since every penetration test needs to satisfy our quality standard. We provide a highly professional service, which is completely tuned to your needs and wishes. That is why we can’t take every request we receive.


Set goals

In a preliminary talk we’re working the main goal of the penetration test out, identifying the (current or possible future) source of attacks on your network and use the end result from our service to improve your current infrastracture.

On site

In addition to the technical component, Vulidity penetration tests also make use of social engineering aspects and if requested on site social engineering campaigns, such as installing rogue devices or testing access control systems. To achieve this, we try to enter your company network through the frontdoor with techniques like pretexting / lockpicking and impersonation.

Save yourself a lot of trouble with different security assessments and pseudo penetration tests – Make use of an intense and high qualitiy penetration test with social engineering and on site components.


We're offering

  • A complete penetration test including your complete company network and social engineering aspects
  • Choose between Blackbox or Whitebox
  • Together we define the goal for the test and based on the results we propose necessary adjustments in your security concept
  • On site assessment, planed together (for an additional charge!)

Convince yourself and contact us!

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What are the steps in a Vulidity penetration test?

  • In a preliminary talk we pinpoint together the type, date, goals and specifics
  • Our team makes preparations and specifys milestones ( These milestones will be used, to inform you about the progress)
  • The pentest begins and we realize the predefined goals
  • In the concluding discussion we present the results and suggest concrete adjustments to secure your network
  • In addition you’ll receive a detailed report about all steps we made during the penetration test

Was bieten wir nicht?

  • We don’t provide a vulnerability scan, which takes 15 minutes and offers no real results

  • If we’re not offering the right solution for you, we won’t waste your time with sales talk or even try to sell you something you don’t need

  • Mass penetration tests where each one is the same

  • We don’t utilizie destructive methods (DoS), point-and-click or risky exploits, to prevent downtime or disturbances in your production system – We analyse these ones through a seperate examination

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