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Comfortable in our minimalistic dashboard

Be always up to date

The autopilot schedules a variety of tests so you can just enjoy the results

Monitor the effectiveness of your Social Engineering campaigns live

With just a glance you can see the essential stuff – But you can always dig deeper

Quick peek

Vulidity offers you a variety of amazing functionalites


OSINT is huge in a time where everybody puts all information on the internet. Test for example if your employees use their work e-mail addresses on other websites and services


Ever wondered if your company information was ever included in some leak or breach? Don’t look for it yourself on the internet and darkweb for months - just use our test and you have the answer in a few seconds


Use our automated tests and different complexity levels to analyse if your infrastructure detects the different threats


Create highly efficient Social Engineering scenarios in just a few steps with the best templates and blueprints of 2019. The editor always shows you the current version


Use USB Dropping with our included device and effective prebuilt scenarios in seconds instead of fumbling around with your own USB stick.

Vulidity provides trust and protection for governmental institutions, companies of all sized and other organisations e.g. military.

Don’t rely on the statements of your firewall vendors and test it yourself.

With our product you don’t have any limit on the amount of tests you want to execute – We don’t want organisations to not find a vulnerability after a change in the infrastructure just because for example the monthly limit is reached.


Administrators, IT departments and management get a tool for their organisation which truly shows if their security concept works in real life – The results are reports which are useful for both management and administrators.

IT companies can even sell our product as reseller. Not only do they improve their portfolio, but maybe also make the difference between opening a mail or not which could lead to a catastrophic data loss. And additionally earn money with Vulidity.


You can also use Vulidity to check yourself before an internal or external audit. From the results you can derive ToDos in order to pass it.

Insurance companies can analyse potential customers for cyber crime insurances before the deal is sealed to make better predictions and calculations.

Instead of a questionnaire you get a real and meaningful valuation.

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